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Shifting perspectives. Unleashing the resilience necessary to overcome challenges.

Jeff is one of the most passionate speakers available that has in-the-trenches experience to couple his talk with his walk.

His unique journey has taken him across the globe enabling him to share compelling, down to earth experiences of how resilience had to become his second language. His mission is simple, to help you to shift your perspective in order to become more resilient and productive in all you do at home and at work.




Jeff Wenzler

Jeff Wenzler is a motivational speaker, award-winning author of The Pivotal Life: A Compass for Discovering Purpose, Passion & Perspective, resilience mentor, international servant leadership organization founder, executive producer of 10 Dollar Perspective, humanitarian, wannabe photographer, avid hiker, dad, and dog rescuer.

Jeff has degrees from Marquette University and Boston College. He resides outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin when he is not at his 12x12 home in a Jamaican landfill community where he mentors single mothers and their children living in extreme poverty.

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Unleash the Resilience: How Shifting Perspective Can Increase Engagement and Productivity

When “IT” hits the fan how can you manage the mess, learn from it, and re-create a stronger, more authentic and productive YOU!


Jeff’s passionate, almost surreal journey of resilience will provide a 5 point strategy that he used to navigate his brother dying in his arms on his birthday, chronic illness, being stabbed at work, having the electricity shut off on his kids, living in a garbage dump in a Third World country, Covid destroying his business, and the clutches of addiction. Growth can happen despite your current situation.

Overcome the Fear of Public Speaking

The number one fear humans have is public speaking. What is the worst that can happen, fall off a stage in front of your audience?


Jeff’s jaw-dropping story will inspire you to overcome self-doubt and learn the tools for assuring you that if you too fall, you can stand back up. Learn the speaking skills that strengthen your ability to communicate, sell, and succeed in front of an audience of any size.

Digging Deep: What Those Living in a Garbage Dump Can Teach Us About Attitude

For over a decade Jeff has led clients and volunteers of all ages into the dusty, avoided depths of a Third World garbage dump community lending a hand to the poorest of the poor.


Jeff’s second home is in a 12x12 foot house that he built in a dump community to learn from his amazing, resilient friends. He offers a passionate insight to the priceless life lessons uncovered in the trash about overcoming obstacles with the right attitude.


“He is a skilled, engaging, compassionate and a humorous communicator with a powerful message and life story on the topic of Resilience. His passion will inspire you! He is that rare combination of doer and leader, with a powerful dose of inspiration.”

Dr. John Duffy
Psychologist, author and podcaster – Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching

Grab Jeff's Book

Winner of the 2016 IPPY National Book Award: Silver in Inspiration/Spiritual category!


DO YOU WANT TO LIVE A PIVOTAL LIFE? One that is filled with meaningful insights and awareness? One that is inspirational and passionate? One that uncovers your unique purpose? Unlock your inner compass to discover a life filled with deeper purpose, passion, and perspective.


Laugh and cry with your guide, Jeff Wenzler, as he journeys through some of life s most profound experiences. The Pivotal Life brings together inspirational and heartfelt stories of tragedy and loss, discovery, and wonder along eight compass points. Also included are Reflection Questions and Exercises that challenge you to examine the ordinary and seek the extraordinary.


FOREWORD by Dr. John Duffy, #1 Bestselling author of The Available Parent


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Tel: 414.403.2279

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